Setting Up Your Pedometer

by Pedometer Enthusiast on April 2, 2011

Pedometer setup will vary largely on what time of pedometer you purchase. Most need surprisingly little setup to be beneficial to the walker. Below are common features and how to set them up.

Steps: You shouldn’t have to do anything for this basic function. Some pedometers will also count Aerobic Steps without any input from the walker. The pedometer just knows because, hey, that’s it’s job.

Time: Hit “Set” on your pedometer. Often the first thing asked for is the time. Make sure you input accurate time, especially if your pedometer keeps track of steps for many days in a row. If you’re active around midnight you’ll want an accurate count.

Weight: Check your pedometer’s manual to see if pounds or kilograms is appropriate for your device. Input your real weight in pounds. Don’t cheat here! The pounds is used to calculate how many calories you’re burning (if your pedometer supports that feature).

Stride: This is the trickiest one of the group. So tricky in fact that we’ve dedicated an entire post to is already. So hop on over to our post about measuring your stride for a pedometer. Remember when measuring your stride it’s important to walk as normally as possible. Walk the way you’ll walk every other time you plan on wearing your pedometer. You’re going for accuracy.

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